ARTeteTurismo creates the INSPIRI cultural challenge for the sustainable improvement and tourism of Pirenópolis

Amongst gents and masked males, shepherds and Benjamin, the INSPIRI enlargement challenge, applied in collaboration with the Postgraduate Examine in Cultural Territories and Expressions in Cerrado (TECCER-UEG), tries to stock the historic anecdote of the town of Pirenópolis (previously Minas da Meia do Rosa Senhora bridge) , impressed by architectural (movable and immovable), pure and cultural (tangible and intangible) heritage. The initiative goals to contribute to the award of the title of Historic Human Heritage (UNESCO) to Piri. It is usually a continuation of the musical trilogy of artist and concrete planner Fred Le Blue concerning the girls and locations of Cerrado (Alto Paraíso, Pirenópolis and Cidade de Goiás), began in 2021 by the ArtetEthos do Pequi and Multimídia Brasílha Teimosa label.

INSPIRI presents a collection of socio-cultural actions organized with the purpose of positioning Pirenópolis because the capital of tradition within the Midwest and sustainable cultural tourism in Brazil. It’s a multimedia and digital platform for selling tourism by way of inventive actions.

The purpose is to rethink the methods of city and tourism public (Vacationer Grasp Plan), socio-cultural and socio-environmental insurance policies from analysis, protection and projection and the creation of artwork collections impressed and / created within the cultural and concrete (rural) panorama of the imaginary Pyrenees. To be able to encourage sensation tourism or ethnographic tourism, breaking the present mannequin of an instagrammable weekend vacation spot. This communicative and inventive effort of socio-environmental schooling and cultural heritage is subsequently geared toward guaranteeing the general public visibility of Pirenópolis within the post-pandemic interval, so as to encourage sustainable financial and concrete improvement within the metropolis.

Along with the Cerrado (TECCER) UEG Postgraduate Program in Cultural Territories and Expression, the challenge additionally has the seal of the Cerrado Museum of UnB and ARTetetura e HUMANismo MOVEMENT (ARTeteTurismo), which is liable for disseminating the methodological line of initiatives the place artwork has been used as a scientific dissemination instrument tradition (tourism), heritage schooling, (regional) city planning and metropolis shaping.

This 360-degree metropolis tour by way of numerous “viewpoints” crossed by the river of the city and rural, divine and blasphemous social imaginations of Pirenópolis, will profit from the favored and postmodern, authorial and collaborative tradition, additionally enabling the creation of latest textual, sound and visible geoaffective or eco-poetic collections concerning the metropolis. As a social counterpart, an inventive and academic socio-cultural motion is foreseen, consisting in strengthening the narrative and native belonging with the participation of kids from the general public academic community.

All of the inventive achievements of INSPIRI may be shared freed from cost on the digital vacationer and cultural platform for the dissemination of stones, rivers and souls of Pirenópolis, specializing in the idea of a cultural panorama that features not solely constructed collections (stones), but additionally ecological sanctuaries (rivers) and collective reminiscences (souls). ):

Composer from Goiás FRED LE BLUE, former scholar of communication at FIC UFG, city planning at IPPUR UFRJ and artwork at EBA UFMG, is the creator of ARTetetura e HUMANismo MOVEMENT and its utility in sustainable tourism, ARTeteTurismo. In 2021, he was invited by the FICA and carried out a course on sustainable city improvement from an artwork, tradition and science perspective, primarily based on art-tetonic humanistic methodology.

What’s the problem of working with standard and up to date tradition in an almost 300-year-old metropolis on the identical time?

The challenge began throughout a pandemic after I could not journey, and with no pictures preserved, I began composing songs a few journey I took after I was a images scholar at UFG. Steadily I noticed the cultural variety of the town and realized the necessity to publicize the intangible heritage of the cities with their inventive ensembles and musical teams to be talked about, as is already the case in France. One solution to seize them is thru mini-documents concerning the Pastorinhas theater group, Contra-Dança dance group and music teams similar to Banda de Couro and Banda Phoenix, which let you have fun collective intergenerational reminiscences. by way of orality, in addition to all Cavalhadas and Folia do Divino and Reis festivities.

However as a result of the town can be a sort of buoyant mecca for MPB, stool and guitar, we produced a memorial documentary to have fun my assembly with two music legends from Goiás dwelling within the metropolis, Dante and Tonzera. Very effectively energized, incl. by way of the maracat of Pernambuco and the boi-bumbá of Maranhão of Piri, in addition to figuring out the native actuality and its city historical past higher, I began to create new songs that artists from the town might additionally file, additionally making a mapping of the voices and musical skills of the town.

As an artist of interart and multimedia, I attempted to translate all these synesthetic and multicultural stimuli by creating an authentic and collaborative, intimate visible and sound map. A sort of imaginary Pirenópolis 2.O, which we name inspirenópolis, which can be the title of the vacationer and cultural info dissemination platform ( we created to guard and reproduce all of the supplies researched and produced on this case, by way of schooling initiatives inventive. In mild of cultural and non secular occasions as conventional as Folia do Divino, of which Cavalhadas are a component, I consider that Inspiri is a crucial complementary counterpoint by way of renewing the inner and exterior viewers visiting the town by way of socio-environmental schooling and communication rescue of assorted manifestations and centuries-old cultural landscapes and inspiring to create new works and collections impressed by the town. The a number of fusion of kinds, languages ​​and distinctive applied sciences that make up this inspiring collective and academic work that’s Inspiri, in addition to her best muse, the town of Pirenópolis (Fred Le Blue) “

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